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TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane material is flexible, providing customers with a wide range of choice in development. It has many benefits over other materials, such as outstanding physical properties, excellent operating performance and effective environmental protection. This material has been widely applied in many fields, including footwear, electronics, sports equipment, mechanical equipment, auto parts, pipes, wires, cables, film and so forth.

In terms of physical properties, TPU material has a great variety of notable characteristics, such as excellent abrasion resistance, good toughness, strong resistance to high and low temperatures, as well as large spans of hardness and density.

Regarding the operating performance, TPU possesses a high level of workability which will adapt to a wide range of processing techniques when compared to the traditional PU injection molding method.

As for the field of environmental protection, TPU material offers a myriad of advantages. It is odorless and non-toxic. The scrap can be directly sent into a furnace, and this material will maintain its unchangeable physical properties.

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